The WELLstyle Story

WELLstyle, which stands for We Eat to Live Lifestyle, is a program that provides various services with one common goal: better health through a healthier lifestyle. 

At WELLstyle we provide you with the tools and knowledge to make better lifestyle choices empowering you to improve your health. 

All WELLstyle services emphasize the importance of a whole-food-plant-strong diet. Whether you are looking to lose weight, decrease your need for medications, or simply feel better, our services aim to help you achieve your goals.   We help you regain power over your health through education and eating "real food"- not by purchasing special dietary supplements, "fad dieting," or invasive surgeries.  Through opportunities such as group medical nutrition education, individual and family nutrition consulting, in-home cooking lessons, grocery store field trips, and online support, WELLstyle can help you improve your own "health destiny."   

WELLstyle services:
Medical Nutrition Consultations
Family Nutrition Consultations
Group Nutrition Classes
Weight Loss Consultations
Grocery Store Field Trips
In-Home Cooking Consultations
WELLstyle Party

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We Eat to Live Lifestyle

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